Top 10 reasons why reading is fun to me

Published November 30, 2011 by rini2893

1) Widens your vocabulary terms: reading about things you like is a start. Once you found the subject your most interested in get books that are challenging. While reading the words that you don’t know look it up in the dictionary or figure it out from context.

2) You have more time for yourself: WhenI go on vacation I always try to find time to read because when I’m reading everyone leaves me alone. Coming back from vacation and reading gets difficult. But when I find the time even if it’s five minutes it’s always good to spare some time for yourself.

3) Escaper from reality: I’m not speaking for everyone when I say that reading can take you to another reality if you enjoy reading as much as myself. It may apply to visual learners like myself.


4) Books are still being sold for reasonable prices at any store or wholesale store: Any store that sells books always have a reasonable price. When I go from store to store I still compare prices but they are always a couple bucks in difference.

5) Why get a kindle or nook when you can buy a book: I still love reading books and turing pages. Yes it’s a hassel to carry a hard cover book around. Unlike the kindle or nook it’s easy but it can break and you will have to get another one. Books can get wet and get beat up and you can give it to someone or keep it just in case you want to read it again.

6) Reading is something you don’t have to do all the time it can be something to do when your waiting for something or someone: It helps make time go by faster and it get be something to do when your bored.

7) Without reading how will we be able to know where to go when we drive to places we’ve never been to?: Reading books isn’t important reading in general is to everyone because how will we get around and know what were looking at, or where we are.

8) Reading can change your opinion on things around you: depending on what your reading it can change your opinion on things that are happening currently, future, or the past.

9) Reading can open your mind: Good or bad reading will inform you on things you want to know about. It helps if you read before trying something out.

10) You will feel smarter if you read about current events and whats going on around you: Reading the paper and watching the news are important because it’s a must to know about current events.



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